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Table for One

I took a moment to the self today after a meeting ran long and, thankfully, went well for all sides. On the way home while contemplating the emails one sends after such a meeting, to solidify the good will and capitalize on the momentum and all that lot, I took a wrong turn. Rather, I turned before I intended to on a road that took the long way around to where I was intending to go.

I did not get upset, as one (myself) might typically do. That self-induced road rage is just as toxic as the foisted brand. Instead I thought immediately to myself, "Welp, I wasn't supposed to go the way I was heading for some reason. The Universe said to go this way so this is the way."

I was fine with it. Relieved might be a better word. I wanted to keep on cruising and enjoy the natural high I was on from having the successful meeting. I didn't gain much from the meeting, not in the practical sense. More so I was of help to the other party. And I enjoyed being so.

But before I got to my destination I spotted a place I had not been in ages and I decided on a whim to whip the car into the turning lane, make the loop around and stop in. Skip the drive through, I was going inside. I ordered, was handed my meal all boxed and bagged up and was told to pick up my fork and napkins by the drink station. I did, but rather than hit the exit and head for home I decided I'd pick a stool at a vacant high-top table and enjoy my late lunch.

Man, did I. The food was better than good, but not great. What was truly exceptional was the 15 minutes to myself. I ate, sent an email, did some people watching and day dreamed while gazing out the window for a bit.

And, at the end, I neatly packaged up my mess and got ready to leave when I decided to have my fortune cookie right then versus carrying it around in my pocket and eat the crumbled mess of it later.

The fortune, well, by now you've read ahead being that it is the image in the body of this text, But it was a welcome affirmation at the end of what started out a difficult day which got increasingly better along the way. I read it twice and said to myself, "Well if that ain't the Ancestors delivering the truth with impeccable timing."

Truth told, they always do, but I appreciated the delivery.

Keep envisioning greatness, my friends. You've already got it but it's nice to keep the picture just ahead of your next few steps.


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