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Return of the Pen. No 2. FILL 'ER UP

These past few weeks...a whirlwind of learning and self-reconciliation.

Who I am versus my aspirations and where the two intersect related to any given situation.

Manifesting or chasing? Sitting still awaiting destiny or, procrastination?


Prayers, fasts, feats and meditation.

A mentor to emulate or enemy to hate? Crises averted, fallout to mitigate. New start - initiated.

Perspective gained and long-held pain shed.

Fears overcome only to maintain dread. A two-sided inner monologue interrupted by third voice which screams "F what they said."

Seasonal blues since June, and yet winter looms, weaving together this tapestry of happiness and gloom, I pendulum back and forth between 'em like I'm passing a broom across the walk between my front door and driveway like, "Great to see you, ya'll come back real soon."

Safe travels. What's acquired quickly unravels, versus that which is gained over time is sustained, hooped and barreled. Stores for the long haul. I guess when it comes down to it all, everything has its place and its time but the window is small.

Fill it wisely.

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