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Relocated and it Feels So Good

Sometimes a body needs a fresh start. Other times, it is the mind. This time I believe it was the spirit that needed a shift, or rather a return, toward independence.

You hear about it often in song, "I gotta be me...", "I did it my way...", I-n-d-e-p-e....", I'll spare ya the rest. So I said enough is enough and I came back to the blog. Back to the website.

Last year I spent x-number of dollars, hours and brain power building this site, the podcast, the blog, the store. Not many people came, fewer bought anything and maybe a dozen or so listened to the podcast. But I saw that all as a success. I didn't have the sense of failure I would have expected if, in conversation prior to all the effort, someone might have told me that would be the result.

Nope. I looked at what I had built and felt a sense of accomplishment. And true to my historical patterns I let it sit for a while, then I neglected it altogether. I only came back to it when the subscription on the site and domain names came up for renewal and I had a choice to make. So I did. I renewed. And then I didn't do anything.

And I sat with it. And I sat with it. And I sat with it.

And then I said the hell with all this other stuff that brings me down or occupies my mind or distracts me from being productive. It all leads to conflict, internal or outward. I have something that is mine, to do with as I please and others can come and be pleased or displeased if, as it seems on other platforms, being displeased is their pleasure.

So, yeah. I am doing this for me. And for you, if you like that sort of thing, or enjoy not liking it. Whatever.

I am also going to deposit my writing here, and some of my art - most of which I will point you to Instagram for.

And some will be more blog-like, perhaps more of a journal or public diary of sorts. You know me, or if you don't you soon will. It doesn't take long.

Of course, there is the So Goes It podcast, as well as the Quelled Demons podcast, both of which are available wherever podcasts are found. Most of places, anyway.

There are a Soundcloud and YouTube channel as well, both linked to home page of this site. So stick around, peak in once in a while or tell a friend who might be interested, there is some stuff going on over here. Other people will be a part of it as well, in spots.

That's all for now. See ya back here, some other time.

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