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Make Room

I've not been feeling well these last several days, which is only one of the minor inconveniences piling up over recent weeks delaying progress on many an agenda item.

My to-do list remains. In the interim, I have had a lot of down time to think and a few things pop up for which I am grateful.

One of the things I am most grateful for is the reminder I had of a lesson learned a long time ago. It is not one that I forgot, but one I think we all know and understand gets buried in the hum-drum manner in which we deal with daily life, one task at a time, one averted catastrophe (or not) after the other.

Simply put it is this: you have to make room. That means as many things as it seems to. Make room for self, make room for others, make room for reflection. make room for gratitude. A lot of people might say it a different way -- make time, or take time.

I say make room because for me, taking out the time only creates just that, time. Time which someone like me might waste procrastination or daydreaming or working even though that is exactly what I am supposed to be taking time out of my schedule to not do.

No, for me, make room is the lesson. It is the practice, again, for me, of allowing space in my thought process, in my energy stores, in my emotional baggage, for something positive. A lot of times the space is made to be grateful, or to be humble. I have a hard time asking for help and harder time swallowing my pride and accepting it. But, as I am told often, I give a lot and endure a lot so people often wish to support me. And therefore I must make room to be thankful and accepting and receive that help with grace. It is something I am working on.

I have to make room for patience. I have so little of it naturally, so I have to make room and store some up for when I need to apply it. I am learning how to ration it.

I don't know what any of this might mean for you, perhaps nothing or at least nothing you don't already know. Maybe just a reminder, a lesson remembered like how I encountered the thought.

Either way, whether the concept is new or old, a rephrase or a reimagining of what you already practice, make room. Make room for making room, and pretty soon you'll be making room for things it makes sense to have room for.

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