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So Goes It

Living in America

There is a varying degree to which we all go along to get along. The rest is us creating and living our own unique lives.


Who am I?

Brevity is key

A poet

A writer

A husband

A man.

Who are any of us, but walking vessels embodied by eternally unfinished works of art, brushed, shaped, colored, molded in varying degrees of skill and scale? Misidentified, undefined or in the process of redefining after new findings and deciding for ourselves what others often claim to have decided for us. 


How about, yes...

This is, after all, why we are here

Living in America means something different to the some 340 million of us who call home to this wide and varied place. This blog is in no way meant to shape your opinion of it at all. Rather I hope only to share with you my interpretations and experiences, so that you might glean from it what you will.

If nothing else, perhaps you will be entertained, if not informed. If so, please do Like/Share/Subscribe and keep on coming back.


So goes it.

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